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G’Day, I’m Dylan…

…and I’m just a young whippersnapper with a passion for digital marketing and the power it holds to take small businesses to new heights!

My Story

I’m Dylan Swain, the founder of Mouse Potato Media. At 12, I stumbled upon my passion for video production and digital media when I started my own YouTube channel making cringey comedy skits with my mates.

In 2016, I took on the role of Marketing Manager at a local mortgage broker company, Specialised Mortgage Solutions. I kick-started their online presence with a brand new website (they didn’t even have a site before I started) and social media profiles. Through my digital marketing strategies, I propelled the company to the top – they are now one of the largest mortgage brokers in the Central West.

In 2017, I pursued my passion and started Mouse Potato Media, a digital marketing agency designed to help local business owners grow their online presence and reach more  customers.

For the past 5+ years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many amazing, local businesses in Orange and the wider Central West region. Helping these local legends connect with more customers and make a difference to more people’s lives through their products and services is what gets me out of the bed in the morning.


My Qualifications

Bachelor of Communication (Media Arts and Production) + (Digital & Social Media)

I’m always trying to improve my skills and the value I can provide to my clients. That’s why I completed a Bachelor of Communication at the University of Technology Sydney, majoring in Media Arts and Production & Digital and Social Media.

Diploma in Social Media Marketing - Open Colleges

I have also completed a Diploma in Social Media Marketing, through Open Colleges. In this comprehensive 2-year course I learnt everything from creating effective social media strategies, the marketing mix, email marketing, return on investment marketing strategies, project management and much more!

'Ultimate Online Film School' Graduate

I have also completed Parker Walbeck’s online filmmaking course ‘Full Time Filmmaker’. I learnt advanced video production techniques and how to bring more value to my clients’ video projects.

Mouse Potato

“A person who spends large amounts of leisure or working time operating a computer.”

– Oxford English Dictionary

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