Video Production

Energy Action 

Energy Market Wraps

Energy Action is Australia’s leading energy management firm with offices all over Australia. In July 2019, we began producing weekly “Energy Market Wrap” videos from their office in Parramatta. These are distributed on their website, YouTube and LinkedIn profiles.

The videos are educational and go for approximately 2-3 minutes each. We transcribe each video with closed captions to improve audience comprehension and engagement and create a unique thumbnail image to entice more views.

Promotional Videos

In addition to the weekly market wrap videos, we have also produced some promotional videos for the company.

One such example is this case study video showcasing Energy Action’s EAX Auction platform and how it saved one business $97,000 on energy bills.

Event Videography (2019 Christmas Party) 

Mouse Potato Media also covered the 2019 Energy Action Staff Christmas Party at Untied in Sydney. In addition to interviewing staff on the day, we created a highlight reel to showcase some of the best moments from the event.

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